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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wait! that 's got to fit in there too!

A couple of days ago I asked the kids to pack their toys they want to bring in a box. I told them that they are limited to the size of the box and that's all they can bring. Rivers packed. She went through her toys and stuffed animal making three piles as she went along: one to keep, one to give away and one to pack away for our return. She organized her American Girl doll clothes and packed the one she wanted to bring along with her dolls. She picked through her Barbies, stuffed animals and packed all her Calico Critters. I helped organize and cut down her art supplies. Stephen quickly grabbed his legos, magna-tiles and a few board games. The children are done and now it's my turn. How can an adult have so much trouble packing her toys when the children packed theirs with so much ease? I've got my yarn and knitting supplies. Can't go without that. The beading supplies would be great- we could make jewelry to sell or give as gifts. I have to take my guitar. I've always planned on learning on the boat. Where is my sewing machine going to fit? I need to sew curtains for Rivers' cabin and I plan on doing some canvas work. How do I pick which cookbooks to bring? Books should go into a separate box - but they are so heavy! Which reference books do we bring? AARRRGG!!!!!!! My biggest stress right now is overloading the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I know what you mean about heavy books! Is there any way that you can scan the recipes that you like onto a disc, or even "email them to yourself" so you can leave the heavy book at home? And as far as beading supplies, maybe you can pick up jewelry supplies along the way instead - like shells or pebbles from the beaches you'll see, or even pick up simple jewelry items from the locals in the ports you visit, then disassemble them and use the pieces to make your own!

  2. These are great ideas. I wish I had thought about the recipes months ago when I had time to scan them in. Nothing helps the feeling of wanting to bring everything.