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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wait! that 's got to fit in there too!

A couple of days ago I asked the kids to pack their toys they want to bring in a box. I told them that they are limited to the size of the box and that's all they can bring. Rivers packed. She went through her toys and stuffed animal making three piles as she went along: one to keep, one to give away and one to pack away for our return. She organized her American Girl doll clothes and packed the one she wanted to bring along with her dolls. She picked through her Barbies, stuffed animals and packed all her Calico Critters. I helped organize and cut down her art supplies. Stephen quickly grabbed his legos, magna-tiles and a few board games. The children are done and now it's my turn. How can an adult have so much trouble packing her toys when the children packed theirs with so much ease? I've got my yarn and knitting supplies. Can't go without that. The beading supplies would be great- we could make jewelry to sell or give as gifts. I have to take my guitar. I've always planned on learning on the boat. Where is my sewing machine going to fit? I need to sew curtains for Rivers' cabin and I plan on doing some canvas work. How do I pick which cookbooks to bring? Books should go into a separate box - but they are so heavy! Which reference books do we bring? AARRRGG!!!!!!! My biggest stress right now is overloading the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Possible Delay

Things never seem to go quite as planned. The original plan was that Friday, February 26 was going to be the kids last day at Mamaroneck Avenue School and we were going to drive away to the boat on Wednesday the 3rd. Yesterday, Stephen brought home a permission slip for a field trip to the Beuhler Challenger and Science Center. I thought this trip was going to be mid-March and had already told him he couldn't go. Now I find out that the trip is Friday, March 5. It looks like such a cool field trip - I want to go too! Rivers does NOT want to stay in school one more week. I told her that if she stays at home next week that she has to start home school right away and it won't be playtime. I'm sure I can find plenty of work for her that won't require too much teaching for a week since I will be frantically packing and cleaning. She is very behind on her French a la Rosetta Stone and she can work on her typing lessons, and don't forget about workbooks! Also reading- I forget that reading is part of school. She is such an avid reader that I sometimes have to threaten her to put her book down- "Rivers, if you don't put that book down and eat, I'm going to hide it!" I think I can easily find a week's worth of less supervised school work.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1&1/2 Weeks to Go

One and a half weeks to go and I'm starting to freak out a bit!!! I have so much to do. I submitted the homeschooling paperwork, but the superintendent's office is closed this week. Now I have to go through tons of paperwork, get the mail stopped, deal with the bills, get someone to mow the lawn this spring, return the school instruments, quickly order anything we might need so we can get it delivered in time, get the kids to pick out their toys to bring, pack up the house, and the list goes on and on.... The kids have been home from school this week for spring break. Hopefully, I will get more done next week once they are back. Wish me luck. We may not get out of here until two and a half weeks.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another check on the list

I can check off another item from my to do list. Our cat Inky is in his new home. We had to chase the poor cat all around the house after he escaped the first time. Arthur finally dragged him out of the closet. It was so sad when he left. He was our first cat and I miss him already. Now we need to find a home for Tiger Lily. I would prefer to find someone to take her in while we travel and give her back, but I know that that is unrealistic. She is a very special cat with an extremely outgoing personality and she is very intelligent. Anyone who would take her in would fall in love with her right away.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ICW - First leg

Here are some pictures of our trip along the intracoastal waterway from Portsmouth, VA to Beaufort, NC

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First entry

Here is my first post. We're not on the ocean quite yet..... Hubby's given his notice and were still preparing. How can a family of four acquire so many things!!! I've found a home for two kittens but we still need to find homes for the other two (anyone want a cat?) and I have mountains of jobs to conquer before I can devote time to blogging. First job is to sort through New York State homeschooling paper work. Those of you from NY can sympathizes with me because you understand NY bureaucracy. (maybe I shouldn't use the word "understand" - how about "are familiar with").