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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crossing the Line

Early this morning we crossed the equator. It was about 5am, the nearly full moon had just set and the sky was filled with bright stars not quite familiar. The milky way in the southern sky was prominently running in the wrong direction, or I should say different direction than what I'm used to. We looked for Mark Twain's "blue ribbon stretched across the ocean" but it must have been too dark. I didn't get to Kodak it. We were visited by a representational King Neptune complete with toga and seashell studded crown. We then opened that vintage port from 1994 that we bought in Brooklyn and have been saving for a very special occasion. After first giving an offering to the sea, we all had a drink. River's sip was followed by a " "yuck" and "that burns". Stephen's only comment was, "Strange.". We also offered up some freshly baked chocolate chip snickers cookies that Rivers and I mixed up earlier in the day and that I baked during my 12-4am watch. We were then declared greenhorns no longer but true deep water sailors. That was followed up with cheering and silly dancing. Today I think we'll get our sea water dunk, it was too chilly last night.

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