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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will we ever get out of here????

We have been here at Jarrett Bay for a long time (way too long) and the end is finally in sight. We are still waiting for our replacement glass to be installed in the hatches. They were promised for last Friday/Saturday and now we're told Wednesday/Thursday. After the glass is installed in the frames it will take two more days before we can hang them. If we travel, it will have to be the dreaded Intra Coastal Waterway not offshore as we prefer. The ICW is actually a beautiful safe way to head down the east coast, but it makes a 4-5 day trip into a two week affair and with how quickly hurricane season is approaching we don't have the time. One good thing, the Spectra watermaker dealer is coming tomorrow with a new membrane and our rebuilt Clark pump. That actually worked out amazing well. Who would have thought you could have a pump sent to California, have it rebuilt, and sent back to North Carolina in 7 days!!! We were told it would take 2 to 3 weeks just to rebuild it. Spectra got it and rebuilt it and resent in one day. Thank you Spectra!

The latest drama is a suspected broken through-hull valve for our main head. The handle moves but it doesn't seem to open. At least it's broken in the closed position for safety's sake but I can't seem to not wish it was in the open position. That would make life easier. It could be that there is a clog somewhere. If it is the through-hull, I'm afraid we're going to have to be hauled out again. We just got in. I don't want to go backwards!

We did have a great success today. We had a problem with our reefing system that we were dreading and really had little hope of fixing. Just to get to the problem we had to remove all the salon seat cushions, take out a 150 pound battery, cut away the corner of the battery box and open a watertight hatch. After that we were ready for a nap not squeezing into a storage space under the seats and below the floor. The problem seemed hopeless until our friend Chris from s/v Tribe came by to say hi. Not only did he have great idea but he just happened to have the perfect part in his left over parts from his old rig. After more contortion tricks upside down on my back arm shoved into a little hole ....(I'd rather not re-live it) I managed to get the new pin back in the sheave and a cotter pin in to keep it from falling out again. I "let" Arthur secure the pin(I never can get those wires pulled apart right). It's fun watching someone else contort.

Well I am ready for bed. Please excuse any typos as I am trying to type on my iPhone. The computers seem to be taken. We really need to get a fourth.

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